New bassist Hadrien joining !

After the departure of Alexis, for personal reasons, HellXHere is now proud to present you Hadrien as their new bassist.

Hadrien began to learn the bass at the age of 15 to play the songs of his favorite bands, mainly Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot. Then he discovered the world of bass, made of groove or extreme riff, from Tower of Power, Jamiroquai to Megadeth or Racer X. With his friends, he formed a band, the Spooktacular. They played during seven years together, seven years of Rock'n'Roll, gigs on the west coast (of France) and made one album. Then he moved in the south of France in order to play another kind of music he loves.

More information about Hadrien can be found on the band's page.

Home Press book 2011-04-29 Review in Metallian#65

2011-04-29 Review in Metallian#65

Au menu, un heavy speed traditionnel dans la lignée des premiers Chastain et CJSS. La voix se veut à la fois claire et rugueuse. Au niveau des guitares, nous avons affaire à de grands techniciens, précis et rapides comme l'éclair, aussi bien au niveau des rythmiques que des solos.
Un premier album bien pensé qui n'a d'autre but que de faire honneur au heavy et au thrash des années 80.


4 bombs by Laurent Bendahan


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